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Name:Child of the Air
Location:Maryland, United States of America
I am an autistic human (subspecies: person of the air) whose gender identity is deeply confusing, but somewhere between "neuter" and "trans woman". Neutral or female pronouns are acceptable; I often refer to myself with "it" and don't mind if others do so, but don't expect people to do so, either. I meow and otherwise behave as a cat with some regularity, particularly when stressed or excited.

I have a lot of complicated feels about religion and spirituality; I often describe myself as a culturally Catholic pagan, and am still trying to develop a form of practice that feels right to me. I hope someday to find a spiritual community, but have doubts about my chances of doing so. One thing that appeals to me about several of my fandoms is their approaches to religion; I'm particularly interested in the Aeonism of Ruthanna Emrys' Innsmouth Legacy series, and I really liked the space polytheism of Ann Leckie's Imperial Radch series.

My primary special interest is the intersection of transportation and urban planning, especially rapid transit and other urban rail systems. Other significant obsessions include Catholic theology and canon law, paleontology, and legumes.

Interests (14):

catholic theology, geography, imperial radch (ann leckie), innsmouth legacy, innsmouth legacy (ruthanna emrys), legumes, maps, memoirs of lady trent (marie brennan), obsidian and blood (aliette de bodard), paleontology, public transportation, rapid transit, trains, urban planning
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